Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fall is nice, but ice isn't.

It happened.
Summer ended without permission, the hummingbirds have disappeared, the flowers are packing it in and the nights are getting chilly. I'm not complaining about the nights, though. I have often been called "Nanook of the North" because I sleep with the windows wide open in winter, letting the room temperature drop until there is frost nipping at the nose and biting the toes, even though the bedcovers are piled on high. I like seeing my breath hover in the air while I'm in bed. Somewhere in my background, I must have Eskimo blood. Summers are expensive because of that. The air conditioner is turned up and uses enough energy to melt the polar icecaps. I alone am responsible for global warming, which, of course, defeats the whole purpose of the air conditioner. It's a Catch 22, but a gal's gotta sleep.
Yet, I hate winter. I hate ice and snow and the grass crunching underneath my feet, and the days ending at four in the afternoon. No good comes in winter, except for a few holidays, and let's face it, unless you get the most incredible presents ever, winter isn't worth the frost it's written in.
Some summer comments I feel compelled to make, albeit, too late. I'm glad that Michael Vicks of dog cruelty infamy got punished, but it wasn't nearly harsh enough. We will never advance as human beings if people continue to behave like him or tolerate actions like his. Compassion is a building block of an advanced civilization, and we're not nearly halfway there.
And I'm heartbroken over the death of Pavorotti, I had met him years ago and he was such a gentleman. That glorious voice!
On a more recent note, I'm having fun at my booksignings - there have been four so far and I didn't do anything embarrassing. I wore the same shoes on each foot, didn't have my blouse on backwards, or my pants inside out (okay, I have an admission here: I went to lunch with friends one afternoon about a month ago to a nice little restaurant and when I got home, I discovered that my white slacks were inside out. Luckily I ate my lunch sitting down, or this would have been discovered publicly and much earlier, but it just shows that I am not to be trusted in dressing myself.) At the signings, I read the first chapter from Still Life With Elephant and finished to laughter (not directed at me, it's a funny book) and hearty applause and some book sales, all of which were gratifying. I have a few more booksignings coming up and I invite you all to come. See my website for details.
Other than that, I suppose we can skip the next few months without losing too much. We can hibernate, like bears and wake in the spring, tra la, but we will miss those holidays. Not to mention the presents. Did I mention that I like presents?
Happy Trails,