Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Paperback is OUT

It has a great new cover, which i love but it's Still Life With Elephant, less expensive and softer. The cover, that is, and it's available everywhere, even Costco, which, I'm told, has been selling out of it. Great news and thank all of you who have been racing off to get there with pennies clutched in fists to buy copies.
After a long, tough year, interrupted with health issues, family stuff and stars misaligning, i finished the sequel, to be called An Inconvenient Elephant, and that will be out, god willing, next summer, so be patient.
i am back in blogging form and spirit and will be tapping away on my new computer to titillate your sensibilities and tickle your fancies. Go buy another copy of Still Life and i'll be talking to you soon.