Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Hello my dumplings,
It's out. My new book, book number three, i'm happy, i love it, and i know you will, too. It's the sequel to Still Life with Elephant, although the new book stands alone as a novel.
You'll meet Diamond-Rose Tremaine, a gal from the African bush who never quite gets the hang of domestication after she gets back to the states. And you will accompany her and Neelie on another rescue mission, this time a magnificent tusker (a male elephant) to its heartwarming conclusion.
And if you order this week, i may get a chance to make it on the bestseller list. Now, wouldn't that be something!
An Inconvenient Elephant

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

An eye for an eye and my new book

So the eye is healing, thank you to all of you who wrote me an enote either on facebook or my email and wished me good vision. I am down to just a few lonely black specks floating around the nether regions, still lots of blurriness and one spider web. I've been good about taking care of myself, doing only the heavy lifting required of holding my new book, An Inconvenient Elephant, which is coming out the end of this month. How's that for a segue? the cover looks great and i am grateful to Robin Stears of WildAss productions for designing it and putting it together. My understanding is that Robin used to rescue wild horses and donkeys, etc and named her company after those wonderful creatures. It's a delightful cover of an elephant being ridden by a woman,you can check it out up there somewhere if i didn't mess up the URL.
As you know, the weather has been beyond hot. I don't dare step outside my air conditioned office for fear of bursting into flames, it's that hot. I fully expect all those who poo-poohed global warming to immediately issue a full apology to the rest of us and jump on the band wagon to help do something about it.
Hope all your eyeballs heal, the hot weather breaks and we can get on with summer.