Wednesday, November 2, 2011

oh my, where have i been?

well, breaking promises to post frequent and entertainingly funny blogs, for one. and writing more books. and gloating with pleasure because my last book, An Inconvenient Elephant was chosen as one of the books to be advertised along with the Ipad and Iphone for a whole season. It was on tv and on big posters plastered all over subway stations and bus terminals and various phone service stores. what a thrill, really, to see it.
I had some surgery, traveled a bit, wrote a bit, lost some weight, put it back on, lost it again, went blond (never fall asleep while an enthusiastic hairdresser is doing your hair), spent some time getting used to being blonde (more on that later- blondes really do have more fun) and wrote some more. i also made a promise to myself to do more things in new york city since i only live an hour away by car. one thing is to see warhorse. have you seen it?
will write some more tomorrow.
p.s. also happy because Bob Barker, of TV fame, along with some terrific animal rights people (like Pat Derby and Ed Stewart from PAWS) are launching a bill in Congress that will change the lives of circus animals for the better.
talk to you soon.