Friday, May 14, 2010

I'm baaack. Finally.

I had the best trip ever about three weeks ago. Two dear friends of mine and I went to San Andreas, California to visit the PAWS (Performing Animal Welfare Society) Sanctuary that houses nine elephants, several bears, and a bunch of lions and tigers (yes, i deliberately mixed up the order to avoid the Ozian "oh my").  It was both a glorious and heart rending trip. Heart rending, because every animal there had to be rescued from circumstances that were related to us by Pat Derby who owns and runs the sanctuary, and her partner, Ed Stewart. Circumstances that made my skin crawl as I listened. In fact, there were several times that I had to walk away, because i couldn't stand hearing how awful these creatures' lives had been. Glorious, because Pat and Ed have given over their own lives to provide great comfort and sustenance to each and every animal in their care.
My friends and I stayed at a quaint Victorian Inn, called the Robin's Nest, and had great food, lovely comfortable digs and crummy weather. Though we were all outside during what we New Yorkers would have called a nor'easter, none of us minded one bit. The animals, i might add, were quite comfy inside their state-of-the-art barns during the worst of it.
What wasn't so fun was a car accident on the way home from the airport. But, we're all fine, and now that I've come out of my winter hibernation, i will tell you all about it. in coming blogs. In the meantime, there are links somewhere on this page, and I urge you do donate to PAWS so that Pat and Ed can continue their great work.