Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

To all of you. To all of you who have read my books and have taken the time to write me such wonderful emails, thank you again.
Thank you to the wonderful Dr. Rachel Colvin who saved my life when i walked into her office, gray of face and not feeling quite so right. She recognized a heart attack even if two previous doctors didn't and sent me off to the hospital where Dr. Lance Kovar fixed me up by double stenting a pipeline.
Thanks to my wonderful daughters. Jamie and Robin, for being mine. And my smart, delicious granddaughters, Rachel and Sarah.
Thanks to all my terrific, funny, irreverent, silly, outrageous friends who make me laugh.
Thanks to my fluffhead pups, the two French poodles, Lola and FlashGordon, and the two shih tzus, Sadie and Mimsie, both dumber than my bedroom slippers, but highly, excruciatingly adorable. And to my cockatoo Samantha, who sings off key, and to my African Grey parrots, Tallulah and Zodiac, who function as my office help when i'm in a pinch.
you've all made very happy. I'm glad to have you in my life.
now, eat go your turkey.