Thursday, October 15, 2009

First Snow

I have to think about this. It means that i definitely do not have to lose the 30 pounds I was planning to lose before i get into my bathing suit. That's a good thing. It means that i won't be walking on the beach holding hands with a sweetheart and enjoying warm breezes wafting across the Long Island Sound, and that's a bad thing. It means pumpkins, and soon after that, turkey and soon after that, picking out just the right holiday gift for loved ones, also a good thing. It also means it has opened the door to winter. And more snow. And i hate snow. Hate. Snow. I don't ski, ice skate, exult in white landscapes or want anything to do with shoveling, scraping or sculpting them. When everyone is outside frolicking and building snowmen, i'm inside, brewing hot cocoa, maybe even baking cookies and impatiently waiting for them all to come back in. If i wanted to feel frozen, i would sit inside my refrigerator where there is at least a good chance of having a pile of food next to me. I never caught onto the fun of burning, frozen fingers, numb toes, ice pinched cheeks and hat hair. My horses get stupid in cold weather. They turn into broncs, and training them or my dressage students, turns into an endurance trial.
That said, I am going to glumly make myself a cup of cocoa, grab a dog or two to keep my lap warm and sit by the window and hope it all goes away.

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