Thursday, February 15, 2007

Post Valentine's Day

Dear Friends,

Hope you had a great Valentine's day. We had a blizzard. Actually, I had a nice day. Made scones, ate scones, agonized over eating scones because I'm trying to lose weight, promised myself that these are the last scones ever, that are coming out of my oven. No carb is going to pass through my lips again.
This morning, only one day later, I had a scone for breakfast. So much for promises.

As of right now, i am sitting in my office (at home) and writing another book. Trying to write, since my two puppies, Lola, a cinnamon colored toy poodle, and Jean-Luc (of course, from Star Trek), my Boston terrier, are dropping their drool covered bouncy balls in my lap and begging me to toss them for a game of fetch. The terrier is also dropping little gas bombs, as terriers are wont to do, which does motivate me to throw his ball far away, like into another room, so i can catch my breath. What is it about Boston terriers that anyone would want one? They snore, they snort, they fart, they can sit for an hour and stare at you with goo-goo eyes, they eat everything. (Jean-Luc eats hay, from my guinea pig. Hay. ) but they are so lovable, and cuddly. Just don't squeeze them too hard when you are in the middle of a cuddle.

I did promise to tell you about my first radio interview. It had been set up by my publicist, with a radio station in Phoenix. I am in NY. The time was set for ten a.m. Arizona time (which is noon in New York). Live feed via telephone. Of course, I was nervous, and wanted it to go perfectly. I woke up early, had a nice breakfast, reread some notes, took a leisurely shower and put on a sweater with flattering colors (yeah, I know, it was for a radio show) and was brushing my teeth for the second time that morning when my phone rang. I had plenty of time, but was ready to tell whoever was calling that i would call them back. I mean, this was my first interview and I wanted everything to go right.
It was the interviewer.
I mumble hello, with a mouthful of toothpaste. Apparently my publicist forgot that there was a time difference between NY and Arizona. She meant ten a.m. New York time, which is eight a.m. in Arizona. I can barely speak, I have toothpaste running down my chin, I am trying to wipe my teeth dry with a washcloth and sound bright and chirpy. I mostly sound drunk. Horrible.

Now that I relived it, I think I need another scone.
Happy Trails,

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