Saturday, February 3, 2007

Welcome to my first blog or how i'm learning to make peace with my 'puter

Dear Friends,
It's a miserable, cold, snowy day, perfect for sitting down and forcing myself to write my first blog. Okay, not my very first one, the others got lost somewhere out there, where blogs go when they are untethered to a blogspot, due to their authors forgetting to save them. I imagine an astronaut someday looking back down on earth and seeing a large cloud filled with musings and pictures and blatherings, blogs gone astray.

So, I'll introduce myself. I'm a writer. Of books. My first book Horseplay came out two years ago, at the end of 2004, my new one, Still Life With Elephant is coming out this July, 2007.
Don't for a minute think that this is a glamorous life filled with excitement. Unless sitting in front of a computer with a cup of cold coffee really does it for you. Actually, it does it for me, which sometimes strikes me as pathetic.

Occasionally I am called upon to do booksignings and to actually read, in public, no less, what I've written. The first time I had to do this was a total disaster. I had gone to see my dermatologist two days before because of this funny little bump above my eyebrow. Skin cancer. Nothing terrible, but that's what you get when you own horses (more on them another day) and have spent your entire life getting bathed in fly repellent and then baking in the hot sun. So, my derm procedes to remove the funny little bump and leaves a funny little crater. Fast forward to my very first public booksigning and reading. It went well except that now I had a shaved eyebrow and a huge shiner due to bleeding down into the eye from the funny little surgical procedure. Can you say ludicrous?

Next blog, I will tell you about my first radio interview. It beats the black eye thing hands down.
Happy trails,

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