Monday, March 28, 2011

A High Price to Pay

Chimps are cute. Baby chimps are high on the cuteness scale, up there with puppies and kitties. They don't do it on purpose, they are just cute because they are small and cuddly and our brains are hardwired to respond to that. And it's okay. The result is that we take care of our young and have long domesticated puppies and kitties. All of them, kids, dogs, cats, fit into our homes, our lifestyles, our beds. What doesn't fit  are wild animals who are forced to give up their natural behavior by nutcases who think they can turn them into the cyootest pets around. The outcome is sooo predictable. The darling little chimpie, or tiger, or cuddly bear matures and becomes - well - what it had always been, a large, powerful, aggressive WILD ANIMAL! Sah-prize, sah-prize!! A chimp has the strength of five men, grows to about two hundred pounds (don't take my word for it, check out the Jane Goodall site) and has very specific needs to be a healthy, well adjusted animal. And i don't mean pink diapers and pizza for dinner.
So, of course, some clodbrain raises a chimp and after years of poor diet and  confinement, the poor chimp isn't doing so well. What does clodbrain do? Does she take the animal to a vet? NAh - that would be - gasp - responsible, but we know she isn't because she's house raising a chimp! So she gives him Xanax, even there is no veterinary evidence that it's even good for this species, and duh - the poor creature goes insane and eats the face off her good friend. Guess who dies in the end? Guess who pays for clodbrain's poor judgement.
Hint: It wasn't clodbrain.

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